These are some of my jewelry pieces, not all. The majority of my stones, I personaly collected, cut and pollished. A few, such as the Sea Sediment Jasper were perchased slabs that I cut, polished and set myself. Many pieces sell more quickely than I can update the site, so please contact me, if you are interested in one. Each piece is one of a kind, however I can make something similar for you. Click on image for larger view, discription.

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Agate and Bone

Crazy Agate and Earring Set

Chrysicola and Lapis Set

Dragon Vein and Bone

Fossil Jasper Set

Green Sea Sediment Jasper

Moss Agate

Pink Druzy Agate Set

Succor Creek Jasper

Red Sea Sediment Jasper

Tiger Eye and Onyx

Turqoise Set

Purple Crazy Agate

Unakite and Sterling

Yellow Agate Set

Amethyst Set

Bloodstone and Sterling

Volcanic Cherry Quartz

Amethyst and Crystal

Ocean Jasper and Sterling

Mexican Blue Opal

Striped Agate, Crazy Agate and Sea Sediment Jasper

Dragon Vein, Ocean Jasper and Crazy Jasper

Fossil Jasper, Sea Sediment Jasper and Ammonite Fossil

Picture Jasper, Crystal Agate and Iron Tiger Eye

Sea Sediment Jasper, Dalmation Jasper and Sea Sediment Jasper

Sodalite, Striped Agate and Iron Tiger Eye

Striped Agate, Picture Jasper and Wire Wrapped Agate

Black Onyx, Sterling and Gold

Turquoise and Sterling

Malekite and Sterling

Turquoise Bracelets

Tigereye and Sterling

Natural Stones

Amethyst and Sterling Cluster

Tigereye, Agate and Gold

Crystals and Gold

Tigereye and Amethyst

Just Earrings

Jasper and Yellow Moss Agate

Hair Sticks!

NEW! Turquoise & Silver

Hair Sticks

NEW! Amethyst and Pearl

NEW! Alexandrite and Garnet - SOLD

African Jade - SOLD

Calcedony, Pearls and Silver

Dichroic Rainbow - SOLD!

African Beads

Antique Glass - SOLD

Black and Copper Glass - SOLD

Tree Agate Necklace - SOLD!

NEW! Magnetic Bracelet

Black Onyx and Sterling Silver


Native American - SOLD

Fairy Glass - SOLD

Lapis and Sterling Silver

Malachite and Sterling Silver

Bloodstone and Sterling



Zen - SOLD